Dr Dorothy Szinay

Hi, I’m Dorothy (she/her)

Nice to meet you! 

This page takes a step back from the formalities, offering you a glimpse into the person behind the profession. I invite you to get to know me a little better below.

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About Me

From Searching to Serving

Psychology wasn’t my first rodeo. My early ambition was to become a doctor, a dream constrained by financial barriers. I spent a solid decade exploring different paths, searching for something that truly resonated. It wasn’t until 2011, when I started a small project and worked with children with autism and Down syndrome, alongside my loyal Labrador – Daisy, in animal-assisted therapy sessions. 

And it all clicked! That experience ignited a spark within me. To dive deeper, to understand more, and to offer more meaningful support. 

So, I studied psychology extensively, soaking up knowledge and spending years in research-heavy roles. For those interested, here is the list of my publications (a Google Scholar page that opens in a new tab). 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful for the opportunities to conduct research, consult and teach at the university. These experiences taught me so much. However, it was the shift to working directly with individuals that really felt like coming home. 

Retrospectively, making that jump has been the highlight of my journey so far.

Every day, I’m thankful for the incredible people I get to meet and support—it’s an honour that keeps on giving.

My passion? Never stopping the learning journey. I am always on the move, soaking up new therapeutic techniques and research insights to keep my skills up to date. 

For me, staying ahead of the curve is not just a commitment—it’s a way of making sure I bring my best to the people I work with.


Discovering my ADHD was a total game-changer in my journey to self-awareness. For the longest time, I carried a luggage full of ‘shoulds‘ and ‘supposed to‘s, blaming myself for every trip and stumble along the way. I developed unhelpful coping strategies and often felt lost, unsure of where to turn next. 

But snagging that ADHD diagnosis? It was like finally getting a map in a language I could read. Suddenly, all those struggles were not about shortcomings – they were signposts of an ADHD journey I had not known I was on.

Embracing my ADHD has been like unlocking strengths I did not know I had. It has taught me so much about resilience, creativity, and seeing the world through a unique lens. Now, I’m all about owning it and working it. 

Flashback to 10 years ago, and you’d meet a very different me—someone searching for answers without knowing the questions. Today, I’m living proof that understanding and acceptance can transform your narrative. And your life.

And if you’re walking a similar path, just know you’re not alone.

The Fun Side of Me

I am Hungarian, but I have been living in the UK for almost a decade.

I won third place at nationals in Kyokushin Karate.

Outside of work, you’ll find me in nature, maybe just a chill in a park nearby, smashing some squash, walking my dog, or cherishing moments with my partner or my few precious friends. 

And trying pottery has been on my list for ages – might just dive into that sometime soon…

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