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Whether you are a late-diagnosed individual with ADHD, know someone with ADHD, or just want to enhance your productivity, this FREE e-book will kick-start your journey towards better self-awareness. If you have ADHD, you’ve probably suffered enough, not knowing what was wrong and maybe even blaming yourself for perceived failures.

It’s time to start receiving the support you may never have had but truly deserve. Know that is not your fault, and you were always enough. But now, it’s time to take action!

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Dr Dorothy Szinay

Dr Dorothy Szinay is a chartered psychologist, ADHD coach, and consultant behavioural scientist with lived experience of ADHD. With a decade of experience conducting research and working in various environments—from the NHS to academia, civil service, and local authorities - she currently works as a psychologist and ADHD coach with neurodivergent individuals.

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By ordering the e-book, you will be signing up for my exclusive newsletter.