Individual Therapy

You might be here because you’re feeling stuck, or like a misfit, in need of healing, and struggling to find effective coping strategies to navigate the emotional challenges or dealing with a long-term health condition. While my practice welcomes people from all walks of life, I specialize in delivering individual therapy for those with ADHD, autistic people and people with long term conditions. 

If you have, or suspect you might have, ADHD and/or you are autistic, drawing from my personal experience with ADHD and possibly being on the autism spectrum, I offer a unique perspective that can resonate with your experiences. 

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My Methods in Individual Therapy

Although I tailor the individual therapy session to your unique needs, I rely on evidence-based approaches that are grounded in science. This means the methods I use are backed by research and proven to work.

I use an integrative approach, I believe in using a diverse range of strategies and interventions to support unique needs. These include, but not limited to, Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, Solution-Focused Therapy, Compassionate-Focused Therapy, Humanistic Psychotherapy and other approaches such as Internal Family Systems.

In our sessions, I create a warm, non-judgemantal and inviting space where we can explore the connections between your emotions, thoughts, actions and physical health. 

Do you have any questions? Unsure if we are right for each other?

My Approach

Tailored Therapy

I use a variety of psychological models and psychotherapeutic approaches to work with you, tailored to you and your own needs.


I may ask you to complete a clinical assessment and validated questionnaires.

Outer-Session Goals

I may give your homework to help with your goals.

I offer support online and my fee starts at £90 per 50-minute session paid via Stripe card payment, PayPal or bank transfer.

How Individual Therapy Can Transform Your Life

Examples of areas we can work on during individual therapy:

Developing Coping Strategies for Stress, Anxiety and Depression

Learning practical strategies and skills to handle daily pressures and overcome obstacles with confidence and resilience. This include effective coping mechanisms to manage stress, anxiety, depression, challenges and difficult emotions.

Building Self-Esteem and Confidence

Boosting your self-esteem and confidence by exploring self-perceptions, challenging negative beliefs, and building a positive self-image. Using various therapeutic techniques and exercises, the sessions will help you develop a stronger, more confident you.

Managing Impulsivity and Emotional Regulations

Gaining control over impulsivity and enhance emotional regulation with targeted strategies. This include learning techniques to pause and reflect before acting and developing skills to identify and manage intense emotions effectively.

Coping with Meltdowns

Learning to navigate and manage the intensity of emotional meltdowns. By understanding triggers, developing calming techniques, and building emotional regulation skills, you will better handle overwhelming moments.

Enhancing Relationships and Communication

Improving your interpersonal relationships and communication skills through active listening techniques, conflict resolution, and learning to build healthy connections. It will help you foster stronger, more meaningful relationships.

Addressing Health Behaviour Change

Ttransforming your health by making positive changes in your health-related behaviors (e.g. weight management, smoking cessation, and reducing alcohol consumption). We will map your barrierrs and apply several behaviour change techniques at the same time. Prepare to say hello to your new you!

Addressing Long-Term Health Conditions

Learning to effectively manage the psychological challenges of long-term health conditions by understanding and managing your condition and symptoms, and managing emotional impact. Acknowledging that while the burden of your condition will remain, it does not mean you can't live a more fulfilled and enjoyable life.

Expertise Highlights






Emotional regulation


Chronic illness management

Pain management

Stress management

Lifestyle changes

Addiction recovery

Life strategies:

Productivity management

Communication skills

Relationship building


Self-care practices

ADHD and Autism specific:

Executive function strategies

Social skills training

Sensory management

Behavioral interventions

Rejection sensitivity dysphoria

I’m interested, but I want to know more

If you’re interested in my one-to-one therapy but still have questions, visit the FAQs page to find out more:

I want to self-learn

If you feel that you are an autonomous and self-learner, here is the link to resources and recommendations, including my FREE e-book, to help you get started:

Therapy FAQs

I’m happy to work with adults from all walks of life, as everyone is welcome in my practice.

While I support individuals facing various challenges, my main expertise lies in helping adults with ADHD or other neurodivergent conditions, as well as parents of children with ADHD.

I create a warm and inclusive space where you can feel understood and supported. LGBTQ+ individuals can rest assured that they will find a safe and accepting environment here.

I offer support online only.

If you prefer, we can have walking therapy. Walking therapy can be beneficial for individuals who enjoy being outdoors, find movement helpful in their therapeutic process, and feel more at ease in natural surroundings. If you prefer an active and dynamic therapy experience, walking therapy might align well with your preferences.

Additionally, walking therapy can enhance the therapeutic experience by incorporating movement, fresh air, and nature. Physical activity has been shown to have positive effects on mental health, including reducing stress and boosting mood. It can also promote relaxation and provide an opportunity for introspection and self-reflection.

Yes, online sessions are highly effective and offer several unique benefits.

One of the key advantages of online therapy is its accessibility. It allows individuals with disabilities or those who require specific accommodations to engage in therapy more easily compared to traditional settings. 

It provides a familiar and safe space, which can help individuals open up and engage more deeply with the therapeutic process.

For people who may feel anxious or uncomfortable in unfamiliar environments, online therapy offers a comforting alternative. They can also fidget and feel more at ease.

The frequency of individual therapy sessions can vary depending on several factors, including your needs, the nature of the concerns being addressed, and the treatment approach being used.

In other words, the number of sessions depends on your goals.

I am happy to support you short-term (6-8 sessions) or long-term (20+ sessions), and we will discuss your needs during the first two sessions. You can also opt to have one-off maintenance sessions from time to time.

Based on the assessment, we will collaborate to establish goals and determine the recommended frequency of sessions. This can range from weekly individual therapy sessions to biweekly or monthly sessions, depending on your specific situation. As progress is made, the frequency of sessions may be gradually reduced.

During individual therapy, the focus is on meeting your individual needs and providing the support you require. The session format will be tailored to your preferences and goals. Whether you prefer a one-time support call or have specific objectives in mind, I will work with you to ensure we address your concerns effectively. To better understand your situation, I may utilize assessment questionnaires, and we will regularly assess your progress towards achieving your goals. I aim to provide ongoing support and guidance as we work together to help you reach your desired outcomes.

I don’t currently accept insurance. But it is something I will look into in the near future (expected in 2025).

Yes. If you are interested in ongoing therapy, I offer personalized packages tailored to your specific needs.

Additionally, a one-off extended session of 90 minutes is available, either as a stand-alone appointment or as a supplemental session to your existing package. Please get in touch to discuss it further.

A very important question!

Choosing the right support is an important decision, and I want to make sure you find the best fit.

I recommend speaking with a few psychologists to explore your options and discover who resonates with you the most.

To help you make an informed decision, I offer a complimentary 20-minute initial consultation call. This allows us to discuss briefly your goals and needs and see if we are a good match.

You can also book the initial therapy session as a taster session to get a sense of how it feels and whether you’d like to continue with regular sessions afterwards. I am genuinely excited to connect with people and support them on their journey.