Dr Dorothy Szinay

Chartered Psychologist and ADHD Coach

Dr Dorothy Szinay has a PhD in Health Psychology and Behaviour Science. She is a chartered psychologist accredited by the British Psychological Society and recently completed her second doctoral-level training as a Practitioner Health Psychologist (pending defence). She is an associate member of the Universal Coaching Alliance and is getting certified as an ADHD coach through the ADHD Foundation. Additionally, she is a consultant in behaviour change interventions. 

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Services Provided

Individual Therapy

Feeling stuck? Seeking healing? Struggling to find effective coping strategies? Whether you’re navigating the emotional challenges of ADHD or Autism, or dealing with a long-term health condition, individual therapy is the transformative solution you need.

What you will gain: improved mental health, increased self-awareness, improved self-confidence, and coping strategies.

I warmly welcome LGBTQIA+ individuals and aim to create a supportive environment for everyone. 

Learn more about my therapeutic approach. Start your journey now.

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ADHD Coaching

Are you looking for understanding, strategies, and support to make everyday challenges with ADHD more manageable? ADHD coaching is your answer. Perfect for those who may not need therapy right now. Coaching will empower you to work with your unique brain and embrace your strengths while tackling some unwanted challanges.

What you will gain: goal achievement, personal growth, strength-based approach.

Discover more about ADHD coaching and learn how to access the support and funding you need to thrive.

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ADHD Awareness Training

My services in ADHD awareness training are tailored to meet the needs of both individuals who have secured the Access to Work grant and organizations looking to be more inclusive. 

What you will gain: expert guidance, tailored strategies, and improved organizational practices.

Discover how our ADHD awareness training can benefit you or your organization. Learn more about our comprehensive training options today.

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My Values

I am committed to integrity, ensuring honesty and transparency in all interactions. I uphold the principles of equality and equity, striving to provide fair treatment for all. Compassion is at the heart of my practice, offering a safe and supportive environment. I champion inclusivity, actively supporting LGBTQ+, trans, pro-choice, and other inclusive initiatives. My client-centred approach prioritizes the needs and wellbeing of those I serve, using evidence-based practices grounded in the latest research.

My Mission

My mission is to use my expertise as a chartered psychologist, behavioural scientist and ADHD coach to turn this vision into reality. By focusing on education, advocacy, and strength-based approaches, I aim to highlight and elevate the incredible abilities found within neurodiversity. Through therapy, coaching, and ADHD awareness training, I’m here to support and empower individuals to succeed in every part of their lives.

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